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Boosted Board Alternatives in Europe

Boosted Board electric skateboard might be the most famous electric skateboard on the market. Founded in 2011 by Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Matthew Tran in Palo Alto, California. The coverage of the Boosted Board by the American personality Casey Neistat helped Boosted Board gain a lot of attention. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Boosted Board was the electric skateboard that made electric skateboards famous. However, the Boosted Board isn’t that easy to get a hold of in [...]


Maxfind Electric Skateboard

Two of the boards we offer in our shop are Maxfind A and Maxfind B. Two really affordable electric skateboards that are super fast charging and real lightweight, only 5.5kg. Maxfind A has a real sleek design and Maxfind B has a deck with handles for easy carrying. Above is a screenshot from a review by Max Gunderson at Best Electric Skateboard Guide. Read full review here. Also check out this YouTube review: