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Why should you get an electric skateboard?

Why in the world would you get an electric skateboard? It’s just an expensive toy, right? At the end of the day, how fun wouldn’t it be to cruise to work instead of being stuck in a crowded bus? Or surf to the grocery store instead of walking when you realize you forgot that thing? There’s a reason why downhill skating is more fun. Pushing sucks. And skate uphill? That’s just icing on the cake! Stop pushing! We’ve compiled a list of 30 reasons to [...]


Koowheel D3M Electric Skateboard – Complete Guide

Koowheel D3M electric skateboard is perhaps the most priceworthy electric skateboard on the market at the moment. Below you’ll find a guide containing more or less everything you need to know about the Koowheel D3M. We have compiled all the relevant information you might need. Are you missing any information? Leave a comment and we’ll add it if possible. Koowheel D3M electric skateboard has to date been released in three versions. The latest, version 3, has the following improvements compared [...]


Onan X3!

We are really happy to be able to offer Onan X3 in our store. After two generations, X1 & X2, now there is the X3. 2017 flagship model of Onans X series. With a top speed at 30km/h and a range of 25-28 km the Onan X3 is a real competitor to the bigger brands. On our website we can offer both only the booster pack but also the booster already mounted to a board made out of canadian [...]