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E-Wheelin i5C and i5W

We’ve added two new electric skateboards to our assortment, E-Wheelin i5C and E-Wheelin i5W. i5W has a board made out of bamboo and i5C is made put of carbon. E-Wheelin is the worlds largest manufacturer of electric skateboards. Several other brands base their products on products from E-Wheelins. Why not get the original? E-Wheelin i5W and i5C are powerful electric skateboards with dual hub motors and lithium battieries from LG. Max speed of 36km/h and 20km range. These are the first new products that will be added to [...]


What is it like riding an electric skateboard?

Borrowed from purpleistacky on Reddit. This is what it’s like: “I always explain it to people this way: When you ride a skateboard/longboard, when you ride a bike, when you ride a scooter, and you’re on flat ground, you need to push to get to a certain speed. That speed is never consistent. You only hit that max speed for half a second before it goes back down, unless you keep pushing and working on it. Same thing when you throw an object, [...]


Landwheel L3 – 45km/h(!)

Landwheel L3 packs plenty of power. A top speed of 45km/h(!) and a hill climb grade at 30%! Compose your own electric skateboard/longboard by mounting the booster on your own deck or get it already mounted on a deck made out of bamboo and carbon. You’ll find both the booster pack and the full board (L3-A) in our store. Don’t forget to use a helmet!