Monthly Archives - August 2018

Thousand Helmets in store!

We are very happy and proud to be able to offer the coolest and most good looking helmets on the market in our store. Thousand Helmets. Vintage inspired, thoughtfully designed. Thousand make bike and skateboard helmets that you’d actually want to wear!


Exway X1

Another great board added to our assortment! This time it’s the Exway X1. Exway X1 electric skateboard is described as one of the most intelligent skateboards on the market. An advanced and easy to ride and control skateboard filled with features. the Exway X1 offers a smooth ride and great handling characteristics. Perhaps most crucial to the accessibility of this board is its curved throttle response. This means that when you first power up your skateboard, you’ll enjoy a smooth start-up. Once [...]


We now accept bitcoin

Since some time we now accept bitcoin via Bitpay as payment. Want to pay for your electric skateboard using bitcoin? Just send us an email at