Monthly Archives - March 2019

Exway X1 Pro in Europe!

Finally we have the Exway X1 Pro boards in stock! All pre-orders have been shipped. The Exway X1 Pro is one of the most discussed boards at the moment. With the impressive specs and performance together with a reasonable price more than a few have called it a “game changer”. It’s a worn out expression but in this case I think we are inclined to agree. This is a very impressive board! The already well performing Exway X1 have been [...]


Evolve Skateboards – Upgrades to the GT-series

For the upcoming season Evolve Skateboards have done quite a few improvements and upgrades to the boards in their GT-series. Read below where we go through the improvements and upgrades that has been done:: Evolve GT Pro-Tech Belt Covers Boards will now be coming assembled with the Pro-Tec belt covers installed. These will help to add increased protection to motor plates over the older units, and for some customers, add the ability to stand the board on end. New bearings New Evolve Speedball Bearings now [...]


2019! Mellow Boards, Onewheel, Exway X1 Pro Riot, Backfire G2T, Slick Revolution and more!

Spring is just around the corner! It’s been a long winter and we can’t wait to hit the streets again! A lot of new things has happend and a lot of new stuff are coming in 2019. We kick started the season with EBOARDSTORE Winter Open 2019. The first eskate tournament ever in Scandinavia. We like to believe this was a start of a tradition and the first of many events to come! We are already planning new ones. We also [...]